The Fyre Festival gets docuseries on what went wrong airing on Hulu

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson


Greetings people of Earth!


Hulu has picked up a docuseries

about the Fyre Festival


Have you ever planned a huge event in the middle of nowhere and made tons of promises only to deliver on none of it? That’s what happens in this yet untitled series set to air in 2019 that will cover all of the events leading up to and surrounding the event.



The event was to take place on a private Bahama island and give you a one of a kind luxury experience that would include Ja Rule  as a developer with a  25-year-old entrepreneur Billy McFarland conducting this event. Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were listed to be promote the event. Just days before the event it became apparent that it had been sorely misrepresented and very unlikely that any of it was going to happen at all. Keep an eye out for this intriguing docuseries when it hits Hulu next year. Especially if you are an up and coming or established promoter you might learn or cringe from watching what happens when a show goes wrong on a grand scale. McFarland is facing wire fraud charges for the selling of tickets online and not delivering. I’ve seen this before and I hope not to see it again. Both fans and artist lose when this happens.


**BREAKING NEWS UPDATE** Billy McFarland, founder of the Fyre Festival, has plead guilty to two counts of wire fraud which may get him 20 years each count.


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