The Green Planet Warning not to smoke Spice or other fake marijuana!

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson


Greetings people of Earth!


I wanted to make sure you were aware that fake marijuana, sometimes known as Spice, it will not get you high and possibly do you harm. Mostly these are designer drugs made to simulate THC and CBD laced on a similar plant material that looks like marijuana. Often called herbal incense or whatever other name they need to use to get by drug laws because it’s not actually sold as a drug much like how bath salts are sold but don’t get me started on that shit. I have never smoked fake weed myself but I’ve heard stories from friends that have and it usually ends bad or at best disappointed that it didn’t do anything at all. I would never recommend anyone ever smoke anything but real pot but check this out. After watching this I’m sure you won’t want to smoke anything but real weed either.



If that wasn’t enough to convince you then check out this other story I read about other people having a horrible time after smoking synthetic marijuana.


15 Horror Stories About Using Synthetic Drugs (‘Your Life WILL Be Ruined From This $h*t’)


Anyways, people of Earth, I say only smoke real marijuana. Please leave me your comments and share our videos subscribe. We will continue to pack a bowl and rock and roll until next time on The Green Planet. Thank you!



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