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Freshly baked pug loaf 🍞 .
We want to present to you a fabulous Instagram account called “Dogs In Food” and no, they aren’t playing in the food, they actually are the food! Oh! the shock!! I know what you’re thinking. They aren’t being eaten. When you think of dogs and food you think of all the wonderfully hilarious disasters that involve our furry four-legged friend. Max, told HuffPost, who runs the account and photoshops the images, “I receive DM’s from dogs who want to be food-ed and I try to read through as many as possible to find pups that look like grub.”
Whatcha guys doing in there?? #pupberries .
Max then tries to match the dogs’ spirit food and culinary preferences in a glorious dog-in-food mashup that has its followers begging for more. The account has over 487,000 followers, and that number doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. The site boasts images of dogs as blueberries, cotton candy and even bananas. We have to admit the cake ones look the yummiest… er, we mean cutest.
Cotton puppy!
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