The Ron Johnson List: Top 3 Male Rock Vocalist of All Time!

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson

Greetings people of Earth!


Of course all top this or top that lists are open for debate and I will expect mine to be no exception so please post your displeasure in the comments below. I know most lists are a top 100 or a top ten or maybe even a top five but I think three is plenty to start the debate over who is the best male rock vocalist of all time. If I didn’t list one of your favorites then let it be known in the comments. I’m sure none of you will have the same top three even though you may agree with one of mine. Everyone of my picks are because they have done something that really sticks with me and no matter what song they have sung, I will listen to anything and everything they’ve ever recorded. Here are, in no particular order, my top three male rock vocalist of all time.


I probably could have made this a short list by making him numbers one two and three but that would be too easy. He’s a singer that I’ve heard master almost ever genre of music but of course he needed to stand out in rock music to make the top three here. With a four octave range and the ability to make everything he does sound effortless and and catalog of original music that starts back to when I was in junior high. When I first heard Soundgarden I knew that I was listening to someone that had something extra. In later years I’ve heard him do everything from opera to Prince. I will have to always regret missing Audioslave on tour. This one to me isn’t even a question in my mind if he’s in my top three and of course that is Chris Cornell. It is tough to pick the one song that would define Chris as a great vocalist but I will have to go with Jesus Christ Pose. Enjoy the video…..



Now you might say of course he’d pick Chris Cornell or maybe you can’t stand him but this is my top three list so make your own in the comment section below. My first pick only makes the rest of my choices harder. How can I put anyone else on this list? Next is another vocalist with a wide range that I think could sing the theme to Gilligan’s Island and make it rock. I first saw them open for Metallica on …..and Justice for All tour not knowing anything about them. The next day I went out and bought The Warning and Operation: Mindcrime on cassette. I was definitely hooked and have been to see Queensrÿche on many occasions. Geoff Tate is easily in my top three, picking a song that really represents why is hard. I’d have to go with the song that was ringing in my ears the nest day after my first Queensrÿche show where Geoff Tate melted them down…



After those it is really tough to say who my number three is but much like the other two has to have a wide range and nearly every song he’s sung is a song I probably know all the words to and has had some kind of meaning in the soundtrack of my life. My third pick is known for vocal acrobatics and definitely has no problem taking risks. They have been in so many bands as a vocalist it would be really hard to list them all but what the Hell, let’s just list the high points. I first heard them in Faith No More and quickly after I bought any Mr Bungle recording I could get my hands on. He was on some of the best Dillinger Escape Plan songs, sang with Max Cavalera and Sepultura and if that’s not enough check him out in Fantômas.  I can’t even begin to think what my favorite Mike Patton song is but I’m going to toss a dart at my laptop and pick whatever song it hits because they are all good……



Well, I hope you liked my list….or maybe I don’t. Agree or disagree but I you better have your own top three. Otherwise, why else is life worth living if you have nothing that can move or excite you? Please add yours in the comments and share this article.

People of Earth, thank you!

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