The World Famous Doll Hut Gets Heavily Metalized In The House of Metal Way

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The World Famous Doll Hut in Anaheim, California, has been home to southern California’s punk rock scene since 1987. This legendary Orange County institution is more than a 100- years-old, a wooden bar room that sits in a warehouse district in Anaheim, California. Originally built in the early 1900’s as a private residence, it became a truck stop cafe in the 1930’s. It was made famous when it was purchased by promoter Linda Jemison in the late 1980’s and ultimately became a live music venue best known for it’s punk rock music shows and mosh pit rough crowds. Since then, there have been many changes of ownership until New Years Day of 2014 where current owner and active show promoter Mike (Big Mac) McGarvey purchased the venue to solidify the Doll Hut’s significance in the permanent Southern California music scene. If those walls could talk, they would scream the stories of great bands who have rocked here, from well known acts that went on to become huge world class names to local acts who still work hard and grace our stage. 

On April 19th, 2019, The Doll Hut was overrun with the heavy metal crowd known as the House of Metal (ers). Promoter Michael Cummings, an Orange county based outfit who normally does shows at Malone’s Bar and Grill 604 east Dyer Rd. Santa Ana, Ca. brought Auggie’s birthday bash to Anaheim along with a cacophony of rock and metal. The only damper on the evening was the fact that Auggie’s band, Augmented Chaos, did not perform due to Auggie coming down with a severe chest infection and could not sing, (BUMMER) but the party continued in his honor.The night started with the Doom Metal sound from the explosive C4OC, who debuted thier new single, Total Bliss, to a sold out crowd that screamed for more. Ronny North, a main stay in the Southern California rock scene and guitar guru, gave a great performance with his new lineup and his running banter and commentary between songs. A new act to the southern cali scene from Arizona, Echos of Angels (EoA) brought there rocking punk oriented hard hitting female led style to the stage with a vengeance only the young can deliver. This writer gives them a big THUMPS UP, a must see band if you get the chance to catch them in your area. Last but not Least was the Amazing, world traveled band, originally from Vietnam, DaVang gave one of their more memorable performances playing songs of freedom from Vietnam as well as cover tunes and originals in the heavy rock guitar oriented sound they are getting well known for. All in all, it was quit a night of celebration for one of Orange Counties local music heroes (Auggie Madrigal). Even though he was not in attendance physically, we all had him in our HEARTS. Come out to The Doll Hut for live music and Beer on tap 7 days a week 7pm-2am.

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