This road is driving Dutch villagers crazy, why, it sings!



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A man who lives near the road said, It was a fun idea, “but not 24 hours a day”  the Dutch village residents of Jelsum aren’t singing  praises for resent changes of a nearby road, that’s because rumble strips were recently laid on the main drag in a strategic way so that the road “sings” out the anthem of the Friesland an area northwest of the  Netherlands, according to Reuters, when a car drives along them at 40 mph the rumble stripes simulate the song. The local minister of infrastructure and cultural affairs, Sietske Poepjes, said the road was designed to promote the city of  Leeuwarden, this year’s European Capital of Culture, “It works amazingly well. You can hear the melody,” she told the BBC. However, what has become a novelty for drivers has turned out to be sheer torure for the local residents living near the road, like Sijtze Jansma.  Jansma told the Dutch-language news station RTL News, “It’s simple, It really makes you deaf”, you can not sit outside anymore, and that vuvuzela whimper makes us crazy.”


Resident Ria Jansma said the road makes some taxis to go across the lines as quickly as possible  24 hours a day,”

“We had the anthem played  at high speed all night,” she said to Reuters. The Friesland authority has taken note of the complaints and will remove the rumble strips later this month.


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