This Website Also Has a The Worlds #1 Local Band and Artist RADIO STATION.



This Website Also Has a The Worlds #1 Local Band and Artist radio station! We are an underground/unsigned artiest and band radio site that has its own world wide network that plays 24/7 all over the world! Where you can hear nothing but the very best in local artists from all over the world. Which means, you can hear a new artist from all genre. You will literally hear a new band every hour that you will love to add to your playlists!

Simple listen while you read from our Blogs on our “Home” page Click our Listen-Live heading on the website, You will come to our Live radio player like the image below .



We here at, Take pride in the local artist. we pervade  Social Media Posts, Shares, Ads, Commercials, Recording, Videos, Blogs and so much more to help your bands music career. As a listener and supporter, you will hear local bands such as these;


Divine Intervention
White Hot Red
Staren Black
American Animal
Scarred Metal
Trip to the Morgue
Pet Shark
Dennis Jones Band
Double Bloody Helix
Mike Jacoby
Octane Mob
Betrayed By Faith
Ronny North
Counterfeit Jacks

These are just a small list of local bands we play everyday!!

And you can watch our Facebook “GO LIVES” of each of our evening shows Hosted by our talented DJ’s,

 “Bangin B’s HELL YEAH” show. Mondays at 8 pm PST,

Michael Cummings with the House of Metal radio show. Tuesday at 8 pm PST

Big mamma’s Mash up show. Wednesdays. 8 pm PST

The crows nest Tribute band show. Thursdays 8 pm PST

Northern Steel Radio Fridays and weekday mornings 6-8 am PST

also check out our sister station “Taxi TV w/ Ricky Menace

So come and support your local artists by listening 24/7


Watch this episode of House of metal radio show interviewing Robby Lockner of Great White.


You can buy C4OCradio apparel in our “SHOP’ section of our website as well!






Or just like our Facebook page LLC

But always listen and support



 Thank you from us at,


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