Weed Triggers Your Brain Into Thinking You’re Hungry, Thats Why Marijuana Gives You The Munchies

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Weed inspires a voracious hunger that’s nearly impossible to suppress, that why Ben & Jerry’s sells a “Euphori-Lock” that protects you from opening your pint of ice cream without entering a combination. because marijuana plays a number of games on your brain and your gut inspiresing a voracious hunger that’s nearly impossible to suppress. all adding up to the perfect storm of unstoppable munchies. It’s been well-documented that the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, or, {tetrahydrocannabino} stimulates appetite.

Here's why marijuana leads to the munchies.

Published in http://Nature Neuroscience2014 study explains the phenomenon, mice exposed to THC had a significantly stronger ability to smell their food, leading them to eat more of it. Weed also messes with neurons that usually suppress your hunger. Smithsonian.com explains, if mice are an accurate model for people, this means marijuana makes us more sensitive to the smells of food, which in turn makes us hungry because of the close relationship between taste and scent. Leading researcher Tamas Horvath said, studies done on lab mice showed that marijuana affects the brain’s ability to curb your appetite. “[Marijuana] fools the brain’s central feeding system,” “We were surprised to find that the neurons we thought were responsible for shutting down eating were suddenly being activated, “even when you are full.”

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