What Did They Say? Misheard Lyrics

Thanks to the internet  we can now find videos  of our favorite songs, sometimes even with the lyrics. Come on admit it, we all have those songs, where  years later  we realize… oh that’s what they said. All of them are downright funny, so opposite of the true and original lyrics  that we really have to laugh at ourselves. Here are some of  my favorites.

Graves and the bad weather “All of me”
actual lyric, ”  a tongue that’s Sharp, mind that’s not fake”…  What I heard, ”  time to sharpen my guitar face”…  Works for me..lol.
Hootie  and the Blowfish “Only wanna be with you”.  Actual lyric,  “cuz the Dolphins make me cry”,  my daughter was right on this one. Hootie is actually a huge Miami fan, I  don’t blame him for crying.
What I heard, ” adult men make me cry”…  Same thing right. LOL.

Doobie Brothers,  “Black water”.
Actual lyric, ” old black water  keep on rollin”…
And I cannot take credit for what was heard …my father-in-law was horrified that somebody would write a song about some old black guy in a wheelchair..
What he heard, ” old black Walter, keep on rollin”. O…k…

And of course we must not forget everybody’s favorite…  Elton John’s,  “Tiny Dancer” ..
Actual lyrics,”  hold me closer tiny dancer”…  Come on you all know you heard “hold me closer  Tony Danza”.

What are some of your misheard lyrics?
Make sure you share them with us  so we can add them to our list!

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