What’s In Your Player? Big Momma’s CDs Part 4. Symbol Six – Side 4

It has been 36 years since Symbol Six’s first album came out, yeah, vinyl kids! Since then they have shared the stage with some of the greatest punk and rock bands! Calling themselves American Hardcore Rock and Roll, they fulfill that promise in every possible way, both on CD and live! To me they are friends, another amazing band in the local scene… supportive of other artists, humble, professional and of course…talented as hell!!  For me, Side 4 has to be one of their best albums. It perfectly combines so many musical styles… showcasing each of their individual influences. The song “Superfine” for example is an upbeat, let’s get this party started type of tune, reminiscent of good old 70’s rock. While “Megalomaniac” is darker,edgier, taking us inside the ego of man. All in all, it’s everything I look for when I need a good driving CD!! But live,oh man , do they out on an awesome show!!!Look them up on all the usual social media and music sites, take them time to check out any one of their albums, but do yourself a favor…Find somewhere to go see them live!!!  Here’s a little taste for you… Enjoy!!!


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