Who’s Playing In Your Car? Big Momma’s CDs , 7 Days Away

I had actually heard of this band long before  ever seeing or even hearing them. A friend’s daughter kept telling me how badass they were… I feel like an ass for blowing her off. She was only 20, i thought what could we possibly have in common musically? Boy, was I wrong! One night she invited me down to Affliction Clothing, 7 Days Away was doing a CD release party… I thought ok,  get to hang with the girls, great networking opportunity, sure…why not? This one night turned me into an instant fan!!! Melodic rock turns suddenly , twisting into molten rock; Tender, heartfelt vocals into powerful , guttural screams. The pounding of the drums and thumping of the bass primal… guitar riffs guiding you through the stories this band tells. To me reminiscent of Rage Against.  This CD has been in my car since that night and is one of my go tos. After this CD was released and successful tours complete… the members of this band have separated, families have been started and now they happily and proudly support each other in their new endeavors.  Trust that if I ever hear any music from any of these guys, you will too! In the meantime, go download this CD, you will not be disappointed.


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