Who’s Playing In Your Car? Big Mommas CDs, Part 2

I heard about this band from San Diego long before I heard the EP or saw them live. I was curious… I knew their manager, a kick ass woman and a brilliant photographer , Ginger Kuroishi. I got the EP as soon as it was officially released and after listening to it,made a point to catch them live.I was NOT disappointed!!! They call themselves “punk damaged rock and roll” .. I call it good old American Rock and roll with a hard edge.  Listening to this CD brings back memories of mini trucking clubs, racing down Heil Street at midnight, concert caravans and Highway 39 Drive-in. Bobby Ray Octane’s powerful and versatile vocals remind me of  the man in black on metal steroids. The guitar, drums,and bass are such a well oiled machine that it’s often hard to believe , at times,that it’s not one giant instrument. Yet, each and every member of this band shows incredible talent, driving their craft right up into your face. An absolute must see, must hear… see for yourself why they are in Big Momma’s player!!


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