WTF? Justin Bieber….to the rescue at Coachella?

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson


Greetings people of Earth!


If you we’re being choked out by someone who would you want to save you? Superman? The police? Your Momma? Justin Bieber? Wait, WTF, did you say Justin Bieber? If your head hasn’t exploded from that well wait until I tell you that it’s true. The footage below is a recreation.



Eyewitness report the Bieber punched a man in the face and tossed him in to a wall after he had grabbed a woman, assumed to be the man’s girlfriend, by the throat and would not let her go. Justin and a friend showed up at the party Saturday night. Justin was minding his own business when a man walk in and immediately went nutzo on the woman. It was also reported that the man was belligerent previous to that and appeared to be on drugs. The clip below is a representation of how I think things went down.



The man quickly grabbed the woman and began choking her after screeming at her.Bieber and his friend warned the man to release her but didn’t and that’s when Bieber came to the rescue. Justin then hit the man in the face and pushed him away from the woman. I know it’s hard to believe but even Bieber can do something good. Maybe it’s a new leaf? Stay tuned as more crazy news comes out of Coachella.


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