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On March 20th 2018 I read a story on air from Huffpost.com about a sex doll brothel and the sex doll trade in Paris in which feminist are calling for the brothel to be shut down because they believe the lifeless life-size silicone dolls are habituating men to degrade and fantasize about raping and hurting real women. The 28 year old owner opened the brothel in a discreet apartment bldg. on a quiet street in a neighborhood in the middle of Paris last month. It features three (3)  Xdolls made in China, they are thoroughly washed, disinfected and sprayed, you can book the Xdoll of your dreams for a $110 an hour fee.

The owner states that most of his clients are between 30 and 50 years of age and on average earn $179,000 yearly. Feminist, along with Communist groups on the local council are pushing for closure of this business, which is currently registered as a game center to escape French restrictions, (it is illegal to operate a brothel in Paris, human or otherwise, (including  Xdolls). Other groups such as Mouvement du Nid, also feel these kinds of establishments help to perpetuate the degradation of women and especially young women and girls. Sex Xdoll brothels have already opened in England, Germany, Holland Austria and Spain. Plans are in the works to open additional brothels in France, London and New York. The Paris council will take up the question of what to do with the brothel when they convene next month..

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